Hi came across this ABC video and found it interesting. All those shows on Bravo are highly dramatized and gives a poor representation of what it’s like to be a real estate agent. Yes, real estate is competitive and yes, there is frequently confrontation. What I don’t like about these dramatized shows is that they make real estate agents look as though there out for nobody but themselves. This is not true. The best agents I know are also the most conscience and caring people in my network. We always put our clients first and are willing to go to bat on their behalf.

What I did agree with was the concept of the open house. This is rarely for the benefit of the seller. This is an opportunity for the listing agent to meet potential buyers. Buyers that visit an open house rarely purchase that home, but it shows that they are motivated. I have picked up many buyer clients from open houses and will continue to hold them at homes that would attract good clients.

ABC news mentioned that there are situations where the seller is not presented every offer on the home. They claimed that the listing agent had a pocket buyer that they insured got the contract. I haven’t seen this done but it would be illegal. I recommend that you always work with a trusted real estate agent.

Confessions of a Real Estate Agent
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