October 1, 2014 (St. Cloud, FL):  The Carol Platt for Congress Campaign announced today their effort to ensure that voters in Congressional District 9 have the facts about Alan Grayson. The effort, centered around the website www.CongressmanWithoutHonor.com is designed to chronicle Grayson’s behavior in the past several years and ensure that voters know the full story of who Alan Grayson is and the values that drive his decisions.

Carol Platt put a fine point on the effort saying, “Alan Grayson tries to say that he’s a congressman with guts. The reality is, he’s a congressman without honor.  His behavior, language and complete disrespect for our district is embarrassing. The voters of our district need to know the truth.”  In describing the effort Platt added, “Our effort will be very straightforward. We don’t need to make comments or add messages to Alan Grayson’s antics.  They speak for themselves. We’re just going to present the facts, the news stories, the videos, the audio of the man. The voters will decide if he’s the kind of man they want representing him.”

The effort will include communicating with voters in every possible venue across all political spectrums. Asked if she was concerned about how Grayson would respond, Platt commented, “Alan Grayson wants to beat me.  That’s his only goal. I won’t be intimidated. I’ve said throughout this campaign that voters should not mistake my kindness for weakness. I simply cannot stand by any longer while Mr. Grayson disrespects women, our local Hispanic community, African Americans, our military veterans and the very foundations of our constitutional government.”

Carol Platt’s life has been profoundly shaped by service, hard work and knowing what it takes to make ends meet – in business and at home.  She is passionate about great and effective government that serves the people – and deeply concerned that neither greatness nor service are values currently representing the 9th Congressional district.  It’s what has motivated her to run – and it will be her compass when she serves.