Jorge Bonilla and Peter Vivaldi, former opponents of Carol Platt for the Republican nomination in Congressional District 9, pledged their full support and assistance for Platt in her battle to unseat Democrat U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson of Orlando, her campaign announced Wednesday.

Bonilla sought the nomination with a campaign that sought backing from the party’s right wing, while Vivaldi had sought a church-based base, while Platt easily won with a broader base of support built from her backgrounds in traditional Central Florida Republican politics, real estate and agriculture.

Platt, of St. Cloud, predicted the pair would bring their “considerable volunteer and grassroots networks, experience and personal appeal” to their united goal.

Still, Grayson holds a commanding advantage in name-recognition, fund-raising and the general make-up of the district, which leans Democratic. Yet the congressman also has a penchant for controversy, which Bonilla and Vivaldi, in particular, had campaigned against in the past year before losing to Platt.

“Alan Grayson is everything that is wrong with the divisive politics of our country,” Vivaldi stated in the release issued by Platt’s campaign. “I’m honored to stand by Carol and will do everything I can to assist her.”

“I will do everything in my power to help unseat Alan Grayson,” Bonilla stated in the release. “His lack of leadership and continued negative antics are shameful – an embarrassment to our district.  I look forward to bringing our community together around Carol.”